Too Many Oracle Decks Not speaking our language!

First, I want to start off by saying thank you for checking out this platform for the Melanated Mentalism oracle (coming soon!). This blog is to a space where the true high thinkers, philosophers, spiritualists, Witches, Shamans, Rootworkers, Conjurers and any other beings on their own Melanated paths. We’re all searching for the truth and striving to walk the middle path.

There aren’t many spaces out there where Melanated peoples can have an open dialogue about walking this spiritual journey as it pertains to our current sociological environment.

There are many reasons or happenings that have caused us to intensely study, ask, observe and search for our roots in spirit- maybe because we’re not in our country of origin, or our spiritual lineages were disrupted (due to looting, pillaging, rioting, and capturing of slaves…) or maybe the cultural deprivation and annihilation of our traditions, or the many generations of our old spiritual traditions practices being washed out as a result of christian conversion and indoctrination.

Throughout this spiritual journey, I have been given many decks to gain wisdom and answers in order to deal with the ripples on the waves of life. I have a few tarot decks, and many oracle decks. Many of the decks were either:
1. Not written by people of color, or
2. (If they were) they were written by PhD candidates that
employed way too much academic jargon making it incredibly
difficult to connect with spiritual-seeing.

The nature of spirit is amazingly simple. It’s our perception that has anchored us in ways of being that has tried to conceptualize spirit to the point of academic exhaustion thus thwarting the masses into a sub-dark age of the one we are already within (a mental labyrinth if you ask me!) Now, so many people are absorbed in the lower-self, but the lower-self masks itself as progress and material success that is entirely sense based…… whew…..I am going on a tangent. Anyway….

Why do this? I decided that it was time to put the knowledge that has been shared with me through my fellow soul family throughout life, ancestral veneration, and intense spiritual study in a language that resonates with me. There are many ways to say one thing because there are many people, environments, cultures, and other social complexities making up our world.

Goals: My Goal is that this oracle reaches those who are ready or are already taking the dive into the ocean of self and connecting with their highest self, their ancestors and other deities representing divine expressions of the creative force of the primordial creator. Whatever you path may be, I will meet you where you are. One day soon, we will have enough followers of this blog and the oracle deck itself to frequently host Zoom meetings to just talk, contemplate, philosophize, heal and go forward together on this journey back home.

Lastly, I pay homage to our ancestors of lineage, ancestors of the native peoples upon whose land we gather as I write these words, and may we continue on this journey upward to the higher and continue onward towards eternity, forever protected, and forever loved.

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