Attachments and Deconstruction (not Destruction): The TOWER, BABY!!

When humans began to fix their mind completely on the external, this led to a false sense of desire. This desire created the state of illusory lack and this turned our hearts away from the god-self within to be focused and obsessed with the outer-self, manifesting this outer-self into being the only REAL-ITY that we see (“ITY” meaning the state of being something). Focusing our gaze upon the outer meant that we would go from infinite to finite, and become attached to living life through the senses which is fleeting. It makes sense that we (humanity) have gotten so far off track, and that we now live in an age focused on instant gratification, and unknowingly engraining ourselves with long suffering.

In order to return to our balanced state of perfection, we have to let go of our attachments in order to revive the divine flow of perfection. We have disrupted this flow with the things that are not in our best interest including:

1) the food we put in our bodies,
2) the thoughts we think, and
3) the labels we live and abide by that affect the way we see
the world.

We have to peel back the layers and return to the primordial pursuit, which was, is, and will always be I am, I am becoming, and I am again.

For most people, pulling the tower card in tarot causes fear and anxiety because of impending doom and the threat of destruction. This message is nothing to fear, as it is referring to the process of deconstruction and the idea of returning to the original foundation of the inner which is perfectly built to withstand all external disasters.

This original foundation is always experiencing beginnings and endings in order to allow for evolution within the cycles taking place.

When the tower card appears, there are many esoteric meanings implied by each symbol, and each symbol varies depending on the philosophy one is looking into. When this card comes up, it is an amazing ask from your higher self to realize where you are on the journey of truth. Are you descending in the lower self? Are you falling to slavery of the animal self? Are you straying from the divine way? Is your gaze forever fixed upon the tempting sparkly nature of the outer thus mentally shackling and locking you out of the Garden of Eden?

…Lol probably a little too serious there, but you feel me, right?

We are divinely crafted with cosmic materials and cosmic principles instilled in us that direct, create, and are in alignment with everything in the universe!  We are a part of a never ending series of the Microcosm to Macrocosm, with our bodies being a mirror image of all that is, has been, and will be. You are a perfect replication of the universe. Each cell in your body is a universe and the nucleus is the sun of each cell within you.

It is time to reassess who you think you are, and know who you truly are. The divine mother is calling you back to her womb to experience rebirth. When you are called to meet the element of air for the first time again, you must remember, know and trust (just as your body trusts that you will inhale that first breath of life) that you are now a living personification of divinity. It is your right to accept nothing less because you can not be added to or subtracted from.

You are everything. You are one. You are whole.

Paz, love & Sankofa

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