Today’s Patience is Mental Slavery.

One of the older uses for the word PATIENCE based on the makeup of its word parts, was simply to EXPERIENCE! …..WHAT……? THEN WHY THE lOWERSELF (OMG I LOVE THIS AS NEW SLUR) IS IT DEFINED NOW ACCORDING TO THE CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY..

the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed:


Of course using the all consuming solar fire where my seekers at? FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!

I am a very impatient person and working on that aspect of myself spirit said to me one day ” If you are patient, then you don’t have to be patient”. So I looked up the etymology of patience and found this information and it expanded my mind. You are probably wondering why I am acting with such hostility towards this definition that is seemingly harmless….WELL….


We are enslaved by our human conception and perception of time. This origin of patience I found exposed my psyche to a primordial concept- the infinite. For we will always be eternally experiencing! This definition of patience frees us from unnecessary mental stress and breaks down the illusory nature of the current paradigm in which we live which we are always on the go, and need to do something, or accomplish something and the masses have forgotten to simply BE. This modern patience is plagued with hyper anxiety prone attachment and expectation leading to acute perceptions, lack of awareness, a controlling nature, and life leading to a false sense of being!!!!!! (GREEN TO TUGG AT THE HEART)

Rampage over lol sorry guys imagine having a conversation with me lol trust me I am working on my attachment to passion.

The patience that is experiencing also keeps one in their NOW frame leading to inner-stillness, and non attachment to the external happenings as individual isolated false wholes. One isn’t plagued by the hyper vigilant self critical “MITOTE” or thousand parasitic voices of the mind obsessing over things of a lack based nature. One in this frame is here and now reaping and sowing abundance and divine harmonious perfection which is simply being in the truest form. For we are everything that we could ever need, there is no need for desire, want which denotes not having. WE ARE IN THE ALL, WE ARE OF THE ALL!

Take time today to sit with this notion on patience it will free up your mind so that you may experience your life and everything that it entails in its fullness!

Love, Paz, and Sankofa


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