What if you were to LET GO?

The fact of the matter is that living in control (the way we see it– through the lens of the material) is a false sense of being. I’ll say it loud for the people in the back: IT’S NOT REAL! As much as you think you are in control, you aren’t. The ego based paradigm in which we currently live– the veil that is ignorance is a flawed false constant…meaning it doesn’t have to exist! It doesn’t have to be this way.*

I, for one, have a hard time with worrying and stressing over anything and everything. I appreciate you coming along with me on this spiritual journey because the river runs wide and the roots run deep.

This stress– this burden that I carry comes from the false belief that I am in control. But the fact of the matter is, I am not. We participate in many things everyday, each with an underlying choice to participate or not. If those are the only two choices, it doesn’t seem like a choice because there is still an obligation to choose (at least as it pertains to the current capitalistic political binary robotic exhausted system that we live in).

So, I’m sure you’re wondering, where lies free will? Well, you are choosing to participate or not to participate… this is free will, isn’t it? This is actually how mental our society is. There is nothing wrong with choice, because that’s simply inevitable, but we have to choose to first have a thought that forms an opinion and then decide that we are going to phonate to create sound in order to create a shape with our mouths and place the tongue in a way that will then bring forth the manifestation to externally express that which was inside–STAY WITH ME NOW LOL! Perhaps it’s in our inherent spiritual nature to choose, so then I guess the next question is… is this a choice or is this LAW?**

Anyway, the fact that we think we are in control gives me an inkling that many people don’t understand control. Control has such a demented, tyrannical feel to it because of how it is used and has been used for centuries of human existence… always being a scepter of power to force ones will upon the other in any way, shape or form for the sake of being in control of a group’s mental and physical faculty… enough to bend the another’s will to their own.

So what if we shifted our thinking from this type of “being in control of the physical”, to being one with the laws of the universe that govern our plane of existence? What if we shifted our means of control to our means of being? What if we shifted this external need for control into trust of the ever-present flow of life that is happening all around us and is directed by the creative force of all things!? What if we let go of control altogether, and know there is no need for external control because we are one with the eternal laws of being that govern the cosmos, the earth and our bodies! WHAT IF WE JUST

let go


Because, if we would just let go, we would realize that even letting go doesn’t exist! And then we’d go

higher and higher and higher in spheres of consciousness and BREAK THROUGH walls to the eternity with the 1.

*More on this in another post.
**Let’s ponder this and chat about it!!

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