Do you unconditionally love your “SELF”

I have been grappling lately with this notion of self love and unconditionally loving myself. Recently I came to the conclusion that I do and I don’t unconditionally love myself Here is why…

The external projected self is already a profile of conditions. For example societal norms, beauty standards, cultural norms, definitions of success, projections, fears, triumphs, relationships, and the list goes on. I guess one could say even a profile of attatchements as well.

Where as the observer, the true self is love itself. There is no needing love, trying to feel love, trying to love, blocks to receiving or giving love. This spaceless, timeless, self that is aligned with its true beginning is the fountain from which infinite love flows.

After this week of contemplation on self love and speaking with friends the truth is I truly do love myself beyond condition and unconditional because who I AM is love itself. All I had to do was turn my gaze inward and there I was unwavering love.

No really, turn your gaze inward take the focus off of external fleeting things just for a moment and see who is observing all of these conditions that you put on yourself in order to bring about a sense of loving yourself which is truly just the positive feeling of being satisfied usually based on the approval of external stimuli extended from your environment.

There is no entry point or exit point to LOVE.

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