Dusting myself off, and Trying again

Dusting myself off and trying again. 

I Have been resisting the flow of my life because I am impatient.

Yet patient with attachments.

From this position I begin to attach to projections and focus on a negative future that doesn’t exist. 

I visualize obstacles that aren’t there and complain when they manifest within my physical experience.

 I cling to the illusion till I am crippling with so much doubt. 

I crawl in my bed in a fetal position hoping the divine mother wraps me in her divine love.  

I call on her wisdom to guide me back to the surface. 

I wrap my head in white and offer my Ori cool water that I may not lash out at others for my own insecurities and problems. 

I lack the emotional connectivity to bring forward that support in my life due to my childhood traumas of being emotionally abandoned and neglected.

 I surround myself with those I can be there for but are rarely there for me when I need it. 

It feels colder that way.

Society wakes me up to dis-ease in the morning. 

My ticket to a good life.  

Yet somehow  I know that I am healed.

 I take a sip of honesty…………The salve that helps me to let go of that which fictionally blocks my vision of the flow that simply is life. 

I take a sip of the interconnectedness that I simply am, that all is. 

I accept these feelings as keys to true healing. 

So read this, Dust yourself off and Try again. 


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